MIDARO: Fin DAC x Mick Rock

This collaboration, which launched on 2nd March, features new limited edition prints by both artists.

West Contemporary are proud to announce the artistic collision of two of the international art market’s most influential working names, world-renowned photographer Mick Rock and world renowned Outsider & Urban Aesthetics artist, Fin DAC. This will be a first ever collaboration for the two leaders of their chosen media, set for 2nd March 2021.

Combining their decades-long honing of their respective crafts of photography and painting, both artists have an unprecedented demand that makes this marriage of art a particularly poignant partnership.  Separately enjoying a loyal global following and with available works being such a rarity, this fusion allows for collectors and enthusiasts to finally see a much requested link-up that will produce coveted artworks as the first major open release of the year for both artists.

2nd March was chosen as the date for the project's release to honour Lou Reed’s birthday, for whom Rock was the official photographer.
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