The Platinum Queen NFT


with Carne Griffiths



Modern digital asset ownership meets traditional art collection

This exciting new project will be spearheaded by VereNFT-powered NFT marketplace Aficionados and leading international art consultancy West Contemporary Editions, to launch 70 unique NFTs. Each piece will be a unique iteration of
The Platinum Queen – an art piece created by Carne Griffiths, one of the foremost contemporary British painters of the generation, who has been working in virtual reality and alternate reality for several years.

The NFTs will be made publicly available for purchase on 27 June 2022.

In addition to the digital NFT copy of the artwork, owners of the NFTs will also each receive unlockable physical copies of their unique pieces upon purchase.


This release is built around 'unique'.

We will be releasing 70 NFT's, each unique and with their own title and colour background, based off of Carne Griffiths 2022 'The Platinum Queen' release. The physical only limited edition release sold out in 12 hours and each NFT (bar one) will have a fixed price and come with an unlockable print, offering you an opportunity to extend your interest in digital assets and be rewarded with a coveted physical artwork OR offer those new to crypto/NFT spaces an opportunity to make their first digital purchase with a traditional art collection aspect; the unlockable print.

You'll hear us refer to this as a hybrid release, and by that we mean a digital asset and a physical asset, all in one.

Carne Griffiths working on one of his now sold-out limited edition prints of 'The Platinum Queen', please note this isn't the print you will receive, as each of the NFT unlockable prints will have entirely unique backgrounds.



The unlockable print is produced at A4 paper size with border, deckle edged and on 330gsm Somerset Satin fine art quality paper. Upon purchase of the NFT, you will be invited to email us with your NFT purchase information and your address, and we shall then deliver your artwork for free. Please allow 2-4 weeks depending on location.


The marketplace itself will be live on, but we understand for some of you, this will be a first NFT purchase and you might like to know how to do it! Please do have a look through the below links for full information including how to purchase via MetaMask.