Hannah Adamaszek

Purple Haze






Desert Haze


Misty Mountain


Saltwater Dreaming




Hannah Adamaszek

Hannah’s female portraits capture a sense of being where the beauty and timelessness of the world come into sharp focus. Her works inspire the viewer to immerse themselves in serenity, to captivate and draw you into the ether. Paintings and limited edition prints bring the beauty of the soul to life, emanating through a female muse in a state of harmony with herself and her surroundings. Mindfulness, wellness and meditation are at the heart of Hannah’s works, offering warming and calming tones and colour that fill an interior with a feeling of zen. Her unique street art works have also brought a calm feminine appeal and pastel tones to an otherwise male-dominated corner of the art scene, and more often than not, a bright colour palette.

Achieving rising star status in this sector of the art world, and swiftly winning awards for her work, Hannah has also painted at the acclaimed Stroke Urban Art Fair in Berlin and exhibited at the OM Yoga Show in 2017, only an insight into her many achievements and accolades to date.