NME is a self-taught urban artist from Teignmouth, England. Having been brought up in an urban area in the South West of England, NME was exposed to street art from a young age and has been inspired by it and its ability to hold a mirror up to society ever since. Much of NME’s bold street art is activistic in its approach, confronting topical cultural, political and social issues head on. Often looming highlighting with melancholy, the darker sides of society within capitalism, greed and war, his works contribute to the anti-authoritarian subject matter that much of this generation of global street art has become so widely known for. Yet, some of NME’s works have a lighter side with a brighter tone and a colourful palette to match.

Motifs such as monkeys, bubbles and childhood characters frequent his prints, realised with a skill for drawing and spray-painting that have seen him amass a large following of fans.  ‘I just put pencil to paper, knife to card, and hand to can, and try to let the magic happen. It’s my labour of love & way of life.  I live for the paint and will probably die from the fumes’ - NME