Russell Marshall

Highlighting the real ‘stars’ of the past and even fewer of the present, as opposed to what the word ‘celebrity’ now means today, artist Russell Marshall’s superb screen prints celebrate some of the best icons of the last 5 decades, re-igniting each of their star status, their stories and our love of them. Previously an award-winning newspaper art director and journalist, Russell’s bold use of colour, production techniques and his selection of unforgettable images are what gives his work a timeless appeal, each one telling the viewer a narrative, achieved through dedicated research.

Russell’s’ prints tell different icons’ stories from a visually creative perspective: a gun Elvis owned mirrored to form what looks like a pair of angel wings set on a back drop of the gun license. His work has been featured in numerous UK shows to date and vastly across international press for a solo exhibition featuring a visual history of Kate Moss images. Available in limited edition silk screen prints, his art is very popular on an international level.