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Potentially the biggest artist of our time, Banksy needs little introduction. A political activist, award-winning film director, hotel owner and cultural icon as he is a street artist and enigma, it would be impossible to consider 21st century art without recognising the influence and legend of this artist. His subversive, satirical and often brutally honest delivery of hard-hitting messages hold a mirror up to society, culture, politics, economics, consumerism and plenty more which tugs on our downfalls. Just how collectible his work would and has become since one of his first stunts - handing out and bringing into circulation at Glastonbury Festival hundreds of fake £10 notes printed with Diana Princess of Wales adorned on them - would have then been unimaginable to even the most ambitious art critic.

Notable achievements or stunts include the ‘Girl With A Red Balloon’ artwork that sold at a Sotheby’s auction for £10.4million only to self-destruct shortly after; the launch of a theme park, Dismaland; the opening of the Walled Off Hotel, an all-inclusive vandal resort overlooking the Israeli-Palestinian border, and an Academy Award- nominated docu-film, ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop.’ Many are still fascinated by the mystery of the man behind the name, something that has kept the British press and public guessing for nearly two decades. His first street art name was indeed Robin Banks, before being changed to Banksy.