Beth Cullen Kerridge

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Beth is a highly credible sculptor within the UK's contemporary sculpture scene. Manipulating traditional materials such as bronze and marble, she creates works that offer a commentary on our frenetic Western lives, often embedded with a light- hearted essence of humour. The suit, or a shirt and tie, have become a key emblem in her work as she explores what they signify, whether that be money, hard work, the City worker or banker, as well as the suit as a uniform, and thus as timeless. Beth also created a 16-foot marble sculpture, Dhow Sail, which was commissioned by the Dubai Opera house in 2016.

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Beth studied at John Moore’s in Liverpool and the Royal College of Art, with her work being shown consecutively in two London parks thereafter. She then honed her craft working and producing works for some of Sculptures best known, including Edwardo Paolozzi, Elisabeth Frink and Alberto Giacometti, before becoming a studio assistant with Mike Bolus and then Sir Antony Caro.

Beth has worked on major projects with Sir Norman Foster on the Millennium Bridge, Richard Rodger, Tate and worked on shows at the Venice Biennale. After taking time out to help husband Tom Kerridge launch the only 2 Michelin-Star pub in the world, The Hand and Flowers, and subsequently, Kerridge’s Bar & Grill at Corinthia Hotel, Beth has been engrossed in perfecting her techniques in marble carving, as well as working with bronze and stone, for which she works some of the best foundries in Italy.

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Horney Tie
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Bronze 122 x 20 x 26cm Unique original 2012

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Empty Suit
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Bronze 70 x 12 x 14cm Edition of 5 2016

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Dragon Tie
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Bronze with concrete base 71 x 24 x 24cm Unique orignal 2015

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Bronze 66 x 52 x 30cm Edition of 5 2015 

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Push Me Pull You
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Bronze 60 x 55 x 49cm Edition of 5 2015

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