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West Contemporary Digital Editions (WCDE) is excited to announce our first official crypto-art release.

Welcome to West Contemporary Digital Editions, your home of online digital asset ownership. Since our formation nearly 20 years ago, West Contemporary have always sought the innovative. Not only in the works we source for you, nor simply the artists we develop longstanding relationships with, but also in our own evolution as a company.

Once known as Beautiful Crime Gallery, one of the world’s first online gallery selling street art originals, we have steadily morphed into one of Europe’s leading art consultancies-meets-gallerists through West Contemporary, selling prints and originals online through this website and we have worked and continue to work with some of the biggest brands in the world with Beautiful Crime Agency. 

We announced our first official crypto-art release on 13th May 2021 with one of the most highly revered creatives in the world, daft-apeth, colloquially known as Serge Pizzorno, guitarist and songwriter of globally successful rock legends, Kasabian.


daft-apeth’s digital debut launched on premium rare digital asset platform MakersPlace, with a 24 hour auction.

A unique concept and delivery, his release saw WCDE combine modern digital-asset ownership with a traditional, physical art print for the winning bidder. It was a unique opportunity for art collectors and first time digital buyers meaning you do not need to be a crypto-enthusiast to add this piece to your collection. And here is why:

The successful buyer received the NFT artwork and a physical 1/1 original artwork, a digital print on composite metal hand-signed by the artist and authenticated by digital certification, courtesy of digital provenance specialists Verisart.

This page will be your go-to for our NFT’s and crypto art and will link you to news, collaborations and events. And as always, you can contact us directly. and for exclusive offers, please don't forget to sign up to our newsletter below.



What is an NFT and why is everyone talking about them?

Non-Fungible Token’s (NFT’s) are essentially a special type of digital asset representing something unique and non-interchangeable, as opposed to fungible assets including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This allows for a modern version of art ownership in a digital format and is a fresh and topical way for new and existing buyers to engage in art collecting. Recently, one collector sold his NFT of a ten second long video clip for $6.6 million. He had only bought it in October 2020 for $67,000. This, alongside other notable high profile sales have pushed this method of purchasing incredibly mainstream and attracted a LOT of interest. We have been working towards this for nearly two years now, and we predict this is very much here to stay.

How do I purchase an NFT?

This works in several ways. Our first release with MakersPlace was incredibly straight forward and simply involved signing up, bidding on the NFT and the winner paying directly through the platform. It was as easy as that!
For some other NFT hosts, the process works differently. Often, you’ll need to get a crypto currency supported wallet and then buy (or use, if you already have some) Ethereum (ETH). This is what is used as currency to purchase your artwork. There are many different providers of ETH, with some notable names being Binance, Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken and Bitstamp. Please research this first at your own leisure, but each of these names are well-known in the industry.

Armed with your Ethereum, you then use your digital wallet to buy an NFT. It’s the internet’s 2021 version of pulling your wallet out to pay a bill! You will need to install a wallet extension (the most popular option is MetaMask), and ensure your wallet has the required amount to pay for your artwork. None of this is a long-process, and can all be setup quickly.
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