Debbie Harry NYC 1978


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Mick Rock


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"I’ve done a number of photoshoots with Debbie over the years. This was the very first one in the autumn of 1978. I’d had lunch with her and Chris a couple of weeks earlier to discuss. Blondie had just released their latest single ‘Heart of Glass' in Europe where she was already a star. Now they were prepping their US Release. This would open up the world for them. She was of course deliciously photogenic and like my old friend David Bowie, it was nearly impossible to take a bad frame of her. The clothing designer and her close friend Stephen Sprouse came with her and brought some of his clothes for her to wear. She was fun to shoot and the results were spectacular. One of the photos ended up on the cover of Penthouse Magazine in February 1980. The black and white photos were hardly seen at the time; the colour photos garnered all the attention. Somehow the black and white ones have acquired greater charisma over the years." Mick Rock