The Ramones NYC 1979


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Mick Rock


Signed & Numbered Archival Quality Estate Stamped Prints With Edition Sizes 

Each archival fine art luster print embossed with an official stamp and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity from the Mick Rock Estate.

16 x 20" edition of 45 - £1500
20 x 24" edition of 35 - £2250
24 x 30" edition of 25 - £3250

Size of physical print includes a white border, sizes as stated. Due to the production process by Mick Rock's Estate, we cannot accept returns.


"This session was the only time I shot them other them in performance. It was for the cover of their ‘End of the Century’ album, produced by Phil Spector. Joey was a big fan of Phil’s in spite of their punk roots. Their manager, Danny Fields, warned me that they didn’t have much patience with photographers and if they didn’t like how the session was going, they’d walk out. And I would only get one hour of their time! I was nevertheless excited about the shoot, but they were not very communicative. I showed them polaroids as the session progressed, for which they didn’t express any particular enthusiasm. Mostly I shot on a red background, and somehow one of these frames ended up on the cover. I also shot on a black plastic background onto which I reflected ‘arty’ colour effects. None of these photos have ever been released, until now." Mick Rock 

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