Why IS everyone talking about MIDARO?!

If, like us, your social media feed is art heavy (is art heavy even a thing?!) then chances are this month you have seen the curious little word; ‘Midaro.'

We think it might just be one of the most exciting (and definitely one of the most ambitiously requested) artistic collisions we have seen this decade. And we have seen a lot of collaborations!  Using Mick Rock’s iconic images of David Bowie, Debbie Harry, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, the worldwide release will be 4 x limited edition prints in an edition of 51, a number chosen to celebrate the number of Rock’s years in the industry, another reminder of just how big this project is.

As well as the 4 x print editions, West Contemporary will also be releasing 12 limited edition photography prints, personally curated by Mick Rock.

Readers of major publications in the UK, including GQ, The Guardian, The Times or The Observer will have flicked through and found themselves reading the incredible backstory of an Englishman in New York, that in rock photography terms is quite simply the Heavyweight Champion of The World. Add into the mix the alluring and intriguing concept of ‘urban aesthetics’, of whom the architect is a London based international street art disruptor and all of a sudden you’ve got a potent mix of some serious art props.

And really, it isn’t suddenly at all. Although the aptly named Rock might feel like an eternally 25 year old with a lens, he has been there and done it. And taken the pictures to prove it. In a glittering career that kicked off in the 60’s, Rock has worked with them all. David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Lou Reed, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and Madonna have all been under the glare of the affable and fascinating Londoner. And he certainly isn’t winding down either, working with contemporary icons like Snoop Dogg, The Killers and Lady Gaga, even shooting the album cover for Miley Cyrus’ album release a few months ago.

Fin DAC, although beginning his stratospheric ascent much more recently, couldn’t be considered a newcomer at all. Although still somewhat an outsider to the club, this artist has worked across the globe, picking up plaudits and collectors at every step, and recently painted wall, of the way. The only artist to have been commissioned by The Frida Khalo Foundation, and a collaborator with the likes of The Royal Albert Hall, The O2, Armani, Red Bull and Ciroc – Fin’s thoughtful and delicate promotion of Eastern cultural appreciation and female empowerment, enveloped in a unique, non-conformist take on street art has earned him huge respect and acclaim around the world.

Oh, and they’ll be one other image coming too…

The date of 2nd March is significant to honour Lou Reed’s birthday, himself an icon and someone that Mick Rock was proud to be the official photographer for, and the title of the project itself takes the first two letters of Rock’s first, middle and surname.

A concept and a project combining two of the most impressive careers we have witnessed, finally coming together to make something special happen. Far too big and with far too many aspects to be eloquently and justifiably described, it needed (and was given) a name to at least attempt to contain it all.   

So there you have it, MIDARO. 

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Words by Jack Pridmore