The date for the launch of MIDARO was chosen by Mick Rock - today, 2nd March, to mark Lou Reed's birthday, and along with it, a never-before-seen image of Lou Reed at Blakes Hotel, taken by Mick before a night out in the Big Smoke. 

Lou Reed, a close friend of Mick's, would have been 79 years old today. The limited edition print is the hero image of Mick's specially curated selection of new images made available at West Contemporary Editions which you can view on the MIDARO collection here. 

MIDARO (the 'MI' in Mick, the 'DA' in David and the 'RO' in Rock) so named and created by urban aesthetics artist, Fin DAC is the artistic collision of two major forerunners in their respective fields, of urban art and photography. If you've not heard about it in the press yet, you will! 

Lou Reed Blakes Hotel is available from 11 x 14" edition of 90, as well as other sizes and edition numbers.